Andrew Demirjian - Sonic Cement (5.3.2019)

Rhythm 2 (Present)

Newark Rhythms links the experiences of students and community members, their stories of aspiration, displacement, and inclusion, with the sensory perception of the campus and the neighborhood. Over the course of 2019 and early 2020, Newark Rhythms opened a dialogue between sound and space, between avant garde music and architectural modernism, by hosting a series of sonic-spatial and participatory performances around the Rutgers-Newark Plaza and in the building interiors. By combining archival research, exhibitions, sonic-spatial and visual arts performances, and community outreach, it aims to recover, document, and make present the history of the campus’s modernist architectural design as part of urban renewal in 1960s Newark, and how these developments related to concurrent social issues and artistic movements.

Daniel Neumann - Resounding the Tower (6.30.2019): Experiencing the vibrations

Experiencing Daniel Neumann's Resounding the Tower

Visiting Artist Tamar Ettun

Visiting artist Tamar Ettun speaking to students (9.25.2019)